OUT WITH THE OLD ~ IN WITH THE NEW:  Throw out the melted wax in your wax warmer prior to adding new wax cubes.  If fragrance is gone from your previous cubes, adding new cubes to your old wax only dilutes the fragrance release.

KEEP YOUR WARMER CLEAN:  When previous wax is melted and fragrance is depleted, pour out old fragrance and clean wax holder.  If nothing is built up in the wax container, cotton balls should suffice.  If dead insects or other items collect in your warmer, use dish soap and warm water.  Dry container prior to adding new wax cubes.

BURN TIME: It is recommended to only burn wax melts for 4 hours at a time. Longer burns result in a less long-lasting scent. Wax Melters are a Quality vs. Quantity choice. If you burn your wax melters longer, you will need to replace cubes more often. If you burn your wax melts for shorter periods of time, your wax melts will last longer, but you may not have a continuous scent. (I am the world's worst at this - my burners are on all the time - NOT RECOMMENDED!)

NOSE BLIND: After smelling a scent for a long period of time, we become nose blind. We think we can no longer smell the scent, and results in thinking the product is no longer giving off fragrance. This is incorrect. The human sense of smell is no longer aware of the scent after being around a particular scent for too long. If you think you product is no longer putting out any fragrance, step outside for a bit, or go to a different area of the house for a while.  I can't tell you how many people come to my house and tell me how good it smells when I can't smell a thing. Changing scents helps this issue.

WATTAGE: Using a bulb that has too much wattage (TOO HOT) will diminish the effectiveness of your wax melts. If you burn your wax too hot, you may get a surge of fragrance, but then your wax is finished. Burning a bulb that is too low in wattage will result in minimal fragrance release. There are some wax melts (the cheap kind), that won't even melt in a properly bulbed wax warmer. I would stay away from these - if your wax isn't melting, your fragrance isn't being released. So, even though these wax melts may be less expensive, you will not be getting the effect you should receive.  Your wax melts should melt properly with a 25 watt bulb.

SIZE MATTERS:  I tell customers all the time, if you have a small room, buy a small candle. Larger rooms will require larger candles. I have wax melts in every single room of our house (even bathrooms). I will tell you, these are the most noticeable in the bathrooms - Why? Because they are smaller. If you have larger rooms, or an open floor plan, you may need more than one melter in a large area to achieve the fragrance load you desire. 

TEA LIGHTS:  Some wax melters are not electric and use tea light candles to melt the wax. Do not use any other type of candle with these except tea light candles.  Using a larger type of candle can result in your container cracking and a high possibility of fire.

Cyclone Candle Company appreciates you!  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email us at anytime!  CycloneCandleCo@outlook.com