Purchasing a candle is an investment.  You bought it, and you expect to get something in return.   We would suspect your expectations when purchasing a candle would be when you light it, the candle will have a pleasant aroma and it should be of good value; meaning it will be of low maintenance and should last a good while.  No, it's not oil stock or a home, but hard earned money was used to make this purchase, and by all rights, you should obtain what you have paid to receive.

Candle maintenance should be easy and quick.  Aside from the wax level in your candle, your candle vessel (container), should look the same as the day your candle made its way in to your care. 

This Cyclone Candle Company blog is to give tips on how to get the most value and take the best care of your candles.  In our eyes, you deserve to get the most from your purchase and we are here to help.

Thank you for reading. Hug each other tight!

Happy Burning!




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