Best Care & Uses for Room & Linen Mist


Do not spray on finished woods or plastics ~ Spray into center of room

Do not spray towards open flame

Keep away from Children & Pets

Do Not Drink

Keep away from eyes and face


Linen Spray:  Use on towels and linens.  We recommend spraying mattress pads and pillows at linen changes and to refresh the bedroom as needed.

Room Spray:  Spray into center of room for refreshment.

Freshens Closets!

Car Spray:  Spray lightly on floor mats.  Use to refresh car yummies! (Note: Refresh car yummies outside of car with spray and replace on rearview mirror, Do not let Room & Linen Mist come into contact with car dash/plastics) 

Bathroom Spray:  A great bathroom deodorizer!