You are loving your candle.  You have done everything properly:  Your candle is in the perfect place, you trimmed your wicks prior to burning, and have let your candle burn to the edges on the first burn.  Now what?...

This is the time your candle becomes basically maintenance free.  Prior to each burn, continue to trim the wicks to 1/4", and simply enjoy your candle.  

Burn Time:  Candles are not designed to burn all day or night.  The optimum burn time for a candle is one hour to three-to-four hours.  Burning a candle longer than four hours will cause a mushrooming effect on your wick and can create black soot, and possibly black smoke.  Economically, your candle will last much longer by letting the candle burn just three hours rather than four.  

Candle Science:  Candles are made by heating wax to its highest melting point, where all wax molecules become unattached from one another.  At the wax's highest melting point, fragrance oil is added to attach to the melted wax molecules.  Candles are then cured, (placed on a shelf), to allow the fragrance oil and wax to continue to bond together, and allow the wax to return to its natural state.  When a candle is lit, as the wax molecules become hot, the fragrance oil is released.  (Explanation for all of the blah-blah-blah coming)...Therefore, allowing candles to burn an excessive amount of time is melting a large amount of wax, which in turn is giving off a fragrance; but if the wax has become hot enough to release its fragrance once, the fragrance release on successive burns will not be as intense; thus decreasing your candle’s value because the fragrance release has been diminished.   You will be much happier with your purchase by not burning your candles longer than three hours.  Candles are more of a “quality” over “quantity” type of purchase. 

Extinguishing your flame:  We’ve all done it…we simply blow out our candles to put them out…and then what happens?  We all get this billow of smoke that doesn’t smell pretty like our candle, and the smoke smell overrides what we’ve spent hours trying to create in our home.  BLOWING OUT CANDLES IS NOT THE BEST CHOICE TO EXTINGUISH THE CANDLE.  Let me explain.  When a candle is lit, the wick(s) are hot and delicate.  Blowing on the wicks can break them off and leave ugly wick pieces in your wax.  Blowing out candles can also cause this REALLY HOT WAX to go outside of the candle causing burns or damage to surrounding areas.  If you have a candle snuffer, please use it.  Candle snuffers create hardly any smoke and preserves the fragrance in the room.  Also, simply closing the lid tightly on your candle will extinguish the flame while preserving the fragrance in the room that you have tried so hard to create. Did I mention that Cyclone Candle Company candles have attached lids?

Candle Rest:  While your candle is resting, (not in use), keep the lid on your candle to preserve the scent and preventing dust, dirt or insects getting in to your candle.  Keep your candle away from any direct sunlight and away from heat.  Allow your candle to stay in its upright, burning position when resting.   Keep your candle in a spot where you can see it often and smile.

Thank you for reading.  Be the change you want to see in the world.

Happy Burning!

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