You have found the one ~ The candle you love!  The candle that is going to possibly make you "want to" clean the house and make everyone who comes in and out happier. The candle that is going to set the mood and tone for your home.  So, how do you safely make the most of this jewel?  

First Things First:  Find the proper place for your candle. 

  • Candles should be out of reach of small children and pets; especially the cats.  Cats can run their tails across a flame and it can catch fire, or knock candles over when jumping on a surface.
  • Your candle should not be in a drafty area; such as under a ceiling fan, or in the direct line of heating and/or air conditioning vents.  You will know if the location is too drafty if the flame(s) of your candle dance; as candle flames should burn in a still manner and not flicker or move. 
  • Do not place candles near curtains or other linens that may catch fire. 
  • Make sure there is nothing directly above your candle.  If burning your candle on a shelf, give your candle at least 18 inches clearance above the flame of the candle. 
  • Your candle should not burn near or placed on combustible or easily melted items. 
  • Find a heat proof surface to place your candle. As candles burn closer to the bottom of the container, the melted wax heats the bottom of the vessel and this gets very hot.  Placing candles directly on wood furniture is a big No-No!  The candle may not actually catch your wooden furniture on fire, but can melt the finish leaving permanent marks on your furniture.  We suggest placing your candle on a pretty hot pad, heat proof tray, cute saucer dish, or heat proof coaster.
  • Candles should not be placed in direct sunlight.  Though this won't affect the safety of your candle, direct sunlight can discolor your wax and affect the longevity of the scent; especially if your candle is uncovered.
  • Don't spray flammable products near your candle when it is lit, such as hairspray, cleaning products, or aerosol products.
  • Keep your candle in sight.  Do your best to burn a candle(s) in the room(s) you are going to be in.  Note to Self:  If I have to leave the house suddenly, will I see the candle on my way out so I can put it out?

Thank you for reading.  Tell someone you love them today!

Happy Burning!


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